Tuesday, 26 August 2008

On the Pub Smoking Ban

In the olden days, before the smoking ban, going into a strange pub could be an awkward ordeal.

After all, you didn't know what sort of people would be inside. You might have had to do an abrupt turn.

Now, you can always see a selection of the regulars standing outside, thus allowing you to make just the right decision at a distance.

This is progress.


John M Ward said...

In years gone past, I have had to make an abrupt turn when I couldn't enter a pub for the filthy atmosphere.

I once even had to miss a work colleague's leaving drink for this reason: it was physically impossible for me to enter.

Those already inside probably didn't have the basic self-respect to care that they stank, including the gutless wimps who "need" their tobacco fix in the first place, which is of course of far greater importance than anything else, as withh all drug addicts.

Jack of Kent said...

Hi John

But what do you say to those who contend that alcohol itself is as much a drug as tobacco, and with worse consequnces for sociey and health?


Acleron said...

That's strange John, I find a much better class of people outside the pub these days.

John M Ward said...

Alcohol is part of a beverage, and it is normal to drink. We are born with that basic requirement. Stuffing things in our gobs and setting fire to them is not normal behaviour, any more than rolling around in dog droppings would be (though this is different for dogs!) Furthermore, drinking doesn't spread fumes onto everyone else.

Alcoholic beverages can even be beneficial, as has been very well documented. In excess, in can be a problem, as can tea, coffee and carrot juice (among others). One has to learn the difference in order to understand the issue.

Even so, alcohol is still an issue, though by nature a largely different one, and requires a different (intelligent, not conflating) approach. Indeed, I have been quietly promoting two ideas myself over the years, as it happens...

John M Ward said...

Acleron must be going to the wrong type of pub.

Here we now have families whereas before we had yobs. Here my Ward Constable can spend his time elsewhere, but before he had to watch our "local". Those outside stink, so I enter and leave via the other entrance; but thankfullythere are usually only one or two of them nowadays.

Just because are too senseless to even notice doesn't mean that the rest of us are that dulled. We can smell (and taste) properly.

I could go on at length, but by now you should be getting the idea. As Councillor for this area until recently, I got to know far more about it than any other resident here, and I suspect the same would apply elsewhere.

Jack of Kent said...

"Indeed, I have been quietly promoting two ideas myself over the years, as it happens..."

John, you are such a tease! Do tell...

Acleron said...

John M Ward said...
Acleron must be going to the wrong type of pub.
You must be correct, I was only lamenting the state of the borough with one of our local councillors the other night. (While outside increasing our nicotine levels)

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is a learned behaviour not a naturally acquired one, just like smoking. You only need to look at research into drinking beer by Caucasians and see the different effect say on Chinese who are not or were not over centuries exposed to the bacteria at an early age.

Personally I wouldn't bring back smoking and am happy with the ban as a smoker myself.

What I do dislike is the replacement of the smokers with the Chelsea pram brigade who are a nastier breed of person altogether.