Saturday, 6 September 2008

Coming Up, and an Update

I have finally managed to cast off - for now - the toad, work (and also a bout of rather tiresome illness).

Normal blogging shall re-commence shortly. The next Crap Libel Case will be on Dr Andrew Wakefield (of MMR fame).

I am now also a moderator on the UK Skeptics Forum for their new "Skepticism and the Law" section - click here.

This news section will deal with the various attempts to use criminal and civil law to close down public debates.

It will also feature, from time to time, "Jack's Witchcraft Cases" and (soon) "Jack's Blasphemy Cases" commentating on relevant news stories from around the world.

As for the BCA v Singh case, litigation can appear silent at times, but there may well be something to report in a week or so.


Peter Phisher said...

MRM? Is that related to MMR?

Jack of Kent said...

A tip of my hat, Mr Phisher. Typo corrected.