Sunday, 16 November 2008

On A New Direction For This Blog

This Blog will now increasingly focus on law and policy matters, particularly when I can inform or contribute to (or even seek to force open) a debate.

By doing this I think I will be most useful for those who read my posts.

I am concentrating on the Singh matter for now, but I will seek to expose the abuse of law and policy on a range of other issues. As always, my main concerns will be with freedom of expression, privacy law, and the checks against the misuse of private and public power.

Sadly, this will mean less whimsy, though I am sure it will break through every so often...


marmitelover said...

Well I'd be interested to know your thoughts on freehold/leasehold law.

Bondurant said...

I will certainly be keeping a keen eye on this issue as it develops (an your blog in general)& be interested to read your thoughts & explanations on it, especially given that the law can be somewhat baffling to those of us not directly involved (and probably sometimes to those who are!)

Came to this blog following your talk in Leicester btw- very interesting & keep up the good work!

Just one question (sorry, not on Facebook so didn't know where else to ask...). Is there any lobby group trying to get the defamation laws amended / reformed to shift the burden of evidence? The current situation seems crazy to me but I am not sure what direction to go in to register this(other than a letter to my MP etc.). Any ideas?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I've got a freehold tenancy. What does that mean?

Interesting stuff about chiropracters. My dad swears by his chiropracter. I know they have been found wanting in clincial trials, but my dad's attitude is: "So long as it keeps working I'll keep using it." The same could be said for my hands-on healing I go to at the Spiritualist church. Presumably if my dad and I are simply experienceing the placebo effect the treatment will slip up sooner or later. If it doesn't then I'll keep going back (especially since the healers at my Spiritualist church don't charge!)