Monday, 22 December 2008

BCA v Singh: the BCA's Motive

The motive of the BCA in bringing a libel case has never been clear.

One would think that the appropriate response to Simon Singh's charge that there was not a jot of evidence that Chiropractic did not assist with six children's ailments would be to, er, show the evidence.

Bizarrely, the BCA instead issued libel proceedings before the High Court.

Why did they do this?

Some evidence on this point has been posted on the agreeable and useful Sacral Musings forum. The poster states:

"My contacts at the BCA are determined to take this case forward on the principle that writing letters to the newspapers and journalists protesting that they are misrepresenting chiropractic has not changed anything."

So there you have it.

One type of intervention is clearly not working, so a more drastic intervention is made, with no rational connection to the desired outcome, at great expense, and with the potential effect of actually damaging those whom the BCA exist to serve.

An interesting insight into the BCA and their attitude to an evidence-based approach.


Pat K said...

All he really has to do is turn over the positive evidence for the raving lunacy that is at the heart of Chiropractic/Osteopathy treatments, and it should shut them up right quick.

Add to this the core of anti-intellectualism that has existed since the foundation of this vitalistic practice..

HolfordWatch said...

Of the pick and mix assortment of possible motives, that has to be amongst the dregs - the mini-Bournville, luminescent pink chew or toffee penny, as it were.

Amidst the anguish over the lack of effectiveness of letter-writing, none of the chiropractors has yet to pause and think, "Hm, actually, much as we believe in the efficacy, there isn't any clinical evidence to support such interventions"? That's disturbing.

Jonathan Hearsey said...

I still think that the BCA should put the funds (no doubt very high) from the legal case towards a research grant.

Simple - might have made Pat K's Christmas happier!

It really is a sorry state - CAMs just don't get the fact that intellectual confrontation might just do some good!