Saturday, 13 December 2008

On an excellent post on De Menezes

See the post by Graeme Archer at the Conservative Home site -

Archer (who I don't know) brilliantly articulates valid concerns about how the police dealt with the aftermath of the execution. It is heartening to see this from a Tory, meaning that (at last) the knee-jerk deference that the Right give to the police is losing impact.

Perhaps an incoming Conservative government will take Police Reform seriously.

In the meantime, we should leave such defence of the indefensible to the pitiful Ken Livingstone.


Graeme said...

Many thanks for linking to my post and for the kind comments you made today. I was disappointed by some of the reactions. Particularly those people who make reference to Mr de Menezes' immigration status: I think those are contemptible, to be honest.

Northernsoul said...


How much skeptical thought have you actually put in to the de Menezes issue? To call it an execution seems, to me, a knee-jerk reaction based solely on your distaste for the Police.

(Though to be fair I have only read a few posts and this is just the impression I get from those at the moment)

Jack of Kent said...

Dear Northernsoul,

Thanks for your question. I was skeptical of the misinformation they put out after the death, and I am glad that it has been exposed.

As Graeme Archer (above) has stated:
"When Jean Charles de Menezes was executed, we were fed a tissue of lies about his activity prior to his death (he did not look like a suspected terrorist, he was not wearing a bulky jacket, he did not vault over the tube barrier and run from the police, he did not resist arrest when confronted on the tube, the officers who murdered him did not give him a verbal warning before holding him down and pumping his head full of bullets)."

As for the manner of death, and given the fullest account, I simply cannot think of a better word. Can you?

So, I hope I can show I am sufficently skeptical.

Jack of Kent