Monday, 15 December 2008

On the police over-reaction at Kingsnorth

A great piece in the Guardian today:

"When climate camp protesters descended on the site of the Kingsnorth power station for a week-long summer demonstration, the scale of the police operation to cope with them was enormous.

"Police were accused of using aggressive tactics, confiscating everything from toilet rolls and board games to generators and hammers. But ministers justified what they called the "proportionate" £5.9m cost of the operation, pointing out that 70 officers had been injured in the course of their duties.

"But data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act puts a rather different slant on the nature of those injuries, disclosing that not one was sustained in clashes with demonstrators


"The other injuries reported included "stung on finger by possible wasp"; "officer injured sitting in car"; and "officer succumbed to sun and heat". One officer cut his arm on a fence when climbing over it, another cut his finger while mending a car, and one "used leg to open door and next day had pain in lower back"."

The police of course really do not need any justification for such an exercise, and the overtime must have been welcome.

Joking aside, the list of confiscated items by itself demonstrates another excesssive exercise of police powers.

Overall, a £5.9m advertisement for Police Reform.

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marmitelover said...

Be careful, you might find your tory soul heading leftwards if you carry on this way...;)
(You are, at heart, a closet revolutionary aren't you?)
But yes, it all looks rather pathetic these "police injuries" doesn't it?