Monday, 22 December 2008

On Bob Quick

I have some sympathy for Bob Quick, the policeman who has now retracted and apologised for his silly comments about the Conservatives.

Being turned over by tabloid journalists cannot be pleasant, just as being raided by the police is not. It must be incredibly distressing.

And it would make one say stupid things. So I have some sympathy with Quick, though I have more sympathy for the poor innocent people Quick has (presumably) routinely turned over and then questioned during his successful career.

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Peter said...

many a person whether conservative
or not, whether religious or not, rich and poor alike have when under stress or verbal attack made stupid and incorrect statements yet gone on to be great leaders and spokespersons, the thing is to learn from your mistakes and not keep repeating them, life is after all a learning experience and one way we learn is through our mistakes, i have yet to come across the perfect flawless person!