Monday, 5 January 2009

On Israel And Other Such Political Problems

One politician once said to another:

"Dear boy, you are not one of those who believe that there are solutions to political problems?"

I like to think highly of human potential, and of what decency and goodwill can achieve. However, certain political tensions do not seem to lend themselves to "settlement".

The tension continues, and sometimes it explodes, until one side is defeated, or surrenders, or is just plain exhausted.

Unless one side gives way in such a manner, talks and treaties are well-meaning but often inconclusive.

And a mis-judged "settlement" - such as the Treaty of Versailles - can indeed make things worse.

All that said...

...the option of simmering tensions and short-term crises may sometimes be preferable than for one side to collapse or be defeated.


Graeme Archer said...

Jack, you know, we've both written nearly the same thing at the same time! (Though of course you express the thought with minimal verbal fuss, unlike me :-0) ).

PS Happy New Year sir.

Andrew Haydon said...

I rather thought it was the settlements that were causing the problems. Sorry. Puns probably inappropriate in the face of so much death.