Sunday, 18 January 2009

On Introducing Mr Jeremy Sherr

I would like to introduce you to Mr Jeremy Sherr, a homeopath.

Mr Sherr is a controversial figure, the reasons for which are set out in the fine post by Gimpy here.

On the science and ethics side, I can add nothing to the severe criticisms made of Mr Sherr by Gimpy, Ben Goldacre, Le Canard Noir and others here.

But what does concern me is Mr Sherr's interesting use of law. For example he relies greatly on the Tanzanian legislation on Alternative Medicine. I will post on this curious stance soon, as my reading of the statute is very different from his.

He is now also threatening to sue for libel, see his assertion

I have posted a comment on that page asking Mr Sherr to set out why exactly the statements he describes would be libellous, that is why such statements would make people think worse of him (the legal test for libel).

He has so far not posted my comment or an answer. This is a pity, as his answer on that point would be most interesting.

Does Mr Sherr actually think that people would think worse of him for promoting homeopathy instead of conventional treatment?

It would be a surprising, but heartening, admission for him to make.


gimpyblog said...

Thanks for taking an interest in the legal side of things and I look forward to your comments on Sherr's use of law.

Quite apart from that there is an interesting amorality in this part of Sherr's arguments. He does not argue that his actions are defendable from a moral and ethical point of view (that they are not imho is irrelevant) but from a position that the law permits them. It's almost as if he has never considered the morality of what he does.

Dr. Nancy said...

Homeopathy ucres even when COnventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

Dr. Nancy Malik said...

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