Tuesday, 3 February 2009

On Hooray for Mark Thomas!

I could not really be considered a fan of the left-wing comedian Mark Thomas.

Indeed, I find him (like many such comedians) to be all rather earnest and preachy.

But on one thing he is bang on. See his piece here.

As you will see, he was "stopped and searched" by the police at a recent demonstration.

His comment that the police exercised this power just because they felt they could is depressingly plausible.

However, rather than just take all this on the nod, Mark Thomas worked with lawyers (hat tip to my learned friends at Fisher Meredith) to make a formal complaint. This complaint has now been upheld, to his (and my) astonishment.

He is now setting the ground for further legal action. I wish him good luck.

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Alex J Thomas said...

Jack, you may enjoy "My Life In Serious Organised Crime" - Thomas's excellent one-man show about the right to protest in Parliament Square. He recorded a version of it for Radio 4, the audio of which can be found on Youtube: