Friday, 6 February 2009

Two Fine Skeptics in Oxford

One of the real pleasures of Blogging, to be set against the misrepresentations and attacks, is to encounter really sound and good people, using the internet for the public good.

Two such fine people, David Colquhoun and Andy Lewis, are scheduled to speak in Oxford tomorrow (Saturday 7 February), see here for details.

I hope to get up to Oxford to see them; if you can get there, I urge you to see them too.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I'd have liked to go and see them, but I was at work. David Colquhoun has written some interesting comments on my review of "The God Delusion"


Oh, yep! I agree.
David was resplendid. Excellent sense of humor! :)

Look at this:

Besides, this humor hides real knowledge. The point is that David has such powerful intuition, which none of sages has, who likes so reasoning about intuition and other misty things... ;)