Monday, 1 June 2009

The Fable of BOGUS and PLETHORA

Nobody embraces Bogus, but some nice people think him deluded.

For those kind people Bogus means well; and his heart is perhaps in the right place. But others think Bogus is a fraud, a sham, and a counterfeit.

In any case, Bogus is lonely.

Nobody really ever believes that they hold the views of Bogus, or that they promote his wares, or even urge his treatments

And nobody at all shouts “I am Bogus” in some show of heady solidarity.

Certainly nobody wants to be accused by another of sharing his views, his wares, or his treatments.

When some good people were accused of holding the views of Bogus, they responded bravely by setting out views which Bogus could never hold. To the charge of promoting his wares, they showed fine wares which Bogus would never countenance in his home. And to any comment that they urged his treatments, they demonstrated that their tested treatments could not be those of Bogus.

But once upon a time, when some other good people were accused of being too close to the horrid Bogus, they were resentful and sought vindication. They hired Writ, armed with his blunt but double-sided knife Libel.

Writ hacked away with Libel, but the figure of Bogus still seemed scarily close.

Flustered, these good people rushed to an alchemist. And the alchemist told them - and others - of the lovely and desirable Plethora.

For many people, of course, Plethora is just too much. She is excessive, and she always promises great things.

Whilst some foul vile skeptics doubt she exists at all.

But for these good people she seemed just right, for surely where there is Plethora there cannot also be Bogus.

And so Plethora was bought, with the alchemist paid with base metal, against his very stern protests.

She was then strangely hidden from view.

“But where is she?” one good person shouted, “I cannot see her at all!”

“She is actually only for Writ and his courtly friends,” another explained, “and not for any of you.”

With Plethora hidden away, the disliked figure of Bogus to this day lingers close to some good but unfortunate people.

But Writ and his courtly friends never tire of having yet another Plethora all to themselves.

Good people still hope that they yet can see the lovely and desirable Plethora.

They just know that the revealed Plethora will banish the horrid Bogus forever…



Mojo said...

Is "foul vile" defamatory?


I paid attention just now to funny expression about you, which you wrote in your blog:

"Kuno" on Sacral Musings Discussion Board (29 December 2008):
"[Edzard] Ernst will be forgotten in a few decades, Jack of Kent, whoever he is, in a few minutes."
I decided to look at this type, who said so and came to here:

Oh! Ha-ha! Link is dead. It seems they were already forgotten themselves! :) ;)

Kate said...

Funny how in the press release the BCA condemned Simon for not discussing this 'plethora' of evidence, but when asked about it themselves say they can't give references to them for legal reasons. I'm hardly convinced...

Jack of Kent said...

Mojo - You are right. I shall now proceed to sue myself...

Mutt said...

Ha! I love that that quotation has gone in the sidebar!

Zeno said...

What? Sue yourself? At the rates you charge? ;-)