Tuesday, 2 June 2009

On Being Cited By Homeopaths

Gimpy has a cracking story about homeopaths and their hapless letter writing campaign in response to Nick Cohen's scathing article.

There's not really a lot I can add but laughter to such seeming witlessness.

However, I am genuinely delighted to be cited (twice!) by homeopaths as an authority, see at the base of this page here.

There are many eminent scientists and researchers who are never once cited by homeopaths...


Graeme said...


And they evin have a spolling misstake in there "sugested letter"!

Chris K said...

Surely this is your greatest accolade to date. I hope you update the quotes on the blog to reflect your new infamy!

I'm definitely updating the links to include this.

maxine said...

I was amused in the wake of Nature's publication of the Benveniste (memory of water) articles, as I had to deal with the floods of letters we received in response. Some of the homeopaths wrote letters of thanks to Nature for featuring homeopathy in our pages. I wondered at the time whether they had read the material! Those were pre-Internet days......but we still got plenty of orchestrated letter-writing campaigns.

Peterd102 said...

Thats a weird act of sticking together in the Alt Med Community, both homeopaths and Chiropractors disagree with each other in principle, but support each other against a wave of scientific thought.