Saturday, 19 December 2009

"The Ladybird Book of Chiropractic Treatment & English Libel Law"

One of the real highlights of the last year has been the emergence of my friend and fellow Skeptic Crispian Jago as a blogger and satirist of genius.

And today he has done it again: do go over to his site now and enjoy The Ladybird Book of Chiropractic Treatment & English Libel Law.


Crispian Jago said...

Cheque is in he post. Cheers

Mike from Ottawa said...

Though I'm sure Jack has plenty to keep him busy, I wonder what he makes (if anything) of today's Supreme Court of Canada decisions in two defamation cases (Grant v Torstar and Quan v Cusson They constitute a considerable improvement over here, adopting a "responsible communication on matters of public interest" defence, which doesn't get near Sullivan (which I'm not a fan of, so that's OK). One nice thing is that among the areas of public interest noted was science.

I also noticed that here, the question of meaning is a matter for the jury, not for the judge, as happened to Simon Singh courtesy of Eady and the defendant's intention is to be considered, as it seems clear Eady didn't.

My apologies if discusson of distant events in the colonies is not the done thing here.

Great blog, BTW, he says sucking up.