Monday, 18 January 2010

Sex and a Pub

On Tuesday 19 January, blogger and academic Dr Petra Boynton will be speaking at Westminster Skeptics on Sex and the Media.

Details are here and (on Facebook) here.

Petra is not only my favourite blogger (sorry, Crispian); she is doing valuable ongoing work in combating misreporting by newspapers of sex and relationships issues. Explore her website here.

In preparation for the talk, she has asked me to post this quiz:

Sex can
- Make you look 10 years younger?
- Reduce wrinkles?
- Make your hair more glossy?
- Give you more energy?

Men think about sex
- every three seconds?
- every sixty seconds?
- twice an hour?

To qualify as a 'sex guru' a journalist must
- Have written a bestselling book about sex?
- Have written a sex feature for a magazine?
- Have had lots of sexual partners?

The right amount of sex for a couple to have is
- twice a week?
- three times a week?
- five times a week?

Desire is boosted by
- Goji berries?
- Tuna fish?
- Pumpkin seeds?

What's the best way to get a woman to want sex?
- buy her lingerie
- run her a scented bath and light some candles for a romantic glow
- stroke her when you see her brushing her teeth in the morning

Answers will be revealed during the evening, and will be added to this blogpost in a few days.

If you are not coming along, however, do suggest your answers below...


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Tony Lloyd said...

On the way to make women want sex. My advice to the unattached male is to borrow a toddler.

I found out pushing my kids around in a buggy. Women looked at me: with longing. One moment I'm a normal bloke, one toddler later and I'm a sex object.

So if any of you know parents with toddlers why not suggest that you take little Jack/Emily out for the day?

(I don't know if this works for women trying to make women want sex. But the parents of the toddler will be very grateful that you tried).

Anonymous said...

Andrew gilbey said:

Unfortunately, I have no idea about the answer to any of those questions, so my partner informs me.