Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Posted: Bad Law column on Cherie Booth

My first "Bad Law?" internet column (ok, blogpost) is now posted over at The Lawyer.

It is on Cherie Booth and the serious allegation that she discriminated on favour of, and was lenient towards, a "religious" defendant.

This link should take you to the main Bad Law site, where there is also a RSS feed icon.

The "?" is the tribute my new blog pays to defamation law.

I will re-post the blogpost here in a few days.

And a brownie point for who can name the chap in my "Bad Law?" avatar.


Botogol said...


ObiterJ said...

I included a short paragraph on this matter on my blog:

I agree with you that the sentence is within the guidelines. Had this been almost any other judge it would have not attracted media attention in this way.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Erskine, the eloquent barrister of defendants in various high-profile Georgian libel cases, after a painting by Reynolds.

Matt Wardman said...

Don't pussyfoot around, call it "my weekly column in The Lawyer". :-)

The most important issue here, and the reason why no one can say anything with any certainty, is that no one has the Transcript.

Nor, as far as I know, does anyone know the *original* source of the quotations which caused the furore.

Kimpatsu said...

You're wrong. The NSS would quite rightly have protested no matter who the judge. The One Law for All campaign makes explicit the notion that people should not receive different treatment, neither harsher nor more lenient, because of the superstitious affiliations. Religion cannot be allowed to enter into it.