Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fisking the Homeopaths

There are - for me - few things more beautiful than a linked, sourced, eloquent, systematic destruction of complete and utter bullshit.

Please do go over to the latest blogpost by Martin Robbins at Lay Scientist, for a lovely fisking of homeopaths.

One cannot but enjoy a blogpost which begins:-

"Over the weekend I received a rare honour, a press release directed at me with the full intellectual might of the British Homeopathic Association behind it"

and then just gets better.


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Martin said...

Thanks Jack! I have to say, it's quite fun writing it too. Nothing's more enjoyable than a proper fisking of some clueless people.

Oz Digger said...

So much talent
So much research
So much intellect
So much logical thought
So much a waste of time.
Pick a subject next time that is a challenge, as this just an example of pompous intellectual verbosity.

Anonymous said...

Well, Oz Digger - if there are so many subjects worthy of dilligent deconstruction I suggest you do it yourself.

Your broken record act, if anything, is a massive waste of perfectly good seconds and bandwidth and your trolling is starting to take on bot-like qualities.

Tell me, are you also spending time commenting on fashion blogs going "H&M is sooo high street - write about Stella McCartney instead! Because we (royal we) say so!"?

People spend their time on what they find important. I don't really care much one way or the other what happens to the humble apostrophe, and yet feel no urge to seek out Lynne Truss and tell her this. Because it is none of my business what she spends her time and efforts on.

Surely there is some well drilling project in the third world that would benefit from your efforts. Go find them and spend your time on something constructive.

Boring and obvious troll is boring and obvious.

Kind Regards,