Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Resignation of Joanne Cash

I am saddened to hear the overnight news that Joanne Cash has resigned as Conservative candidate for Westminster North.

She "gets" libel reform in a way shared by no other Tory politician.

This is not least because of her day job as a highly effective media law barrister, frequently (and successfully) resisting attempts to use injunctions to restrict public debate.

She is one of the few genuinely progressive liberals and civil libertarians left in the Conservative Party: for example, see the Guardian piece here .

Libel reform under an incoming Conservative government was always more likely if Joanne Cash became an MP.

Whatever the reason for her resignation, I do hope she remains heavily involved in Conservative policy-making on libel reform and free speech issues generally.


Joanne Cash has just announced that she will remain as candidate. This follows what appears to have been a day of negotiations with party officials.

This is good news: a very welcome update to make.


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GM said...

Well this is a great pity. It seems to me we can ill afford to lose candidates with such expertise, and - as you suggest - genuine commitment to legal reform in the interests of greater liberty and civil privacy. At a time when UK legislation is under scrutiny for its own poor construction (see, for example, the Better Government report), an able, savvy prospective MP is a regrettable loss.

Thinking of applying, Jack?

sjhq said...

There is no announcement on her web site (, or in her twitter feed ( The story seems to have started in the local paper ( who claim to have had the only reporter at the meeting.

Central Office are being tight lipped about it.

Jack of Kent said...

Thanks for that local paper link.

I heard the story from a CCO source last night.

I hope that, as I type, she is beating up Tory dinosaurs and she is the candidate.

It would be pleasing to "correct" or "positively update" this blogpost...

Giles Marshall said...

Paul Waugh is speculating that she may not have resigned, or will rescind it.

Anonymous said...

Come on, she's still a Tory and is still claiming on her website that "Since 1997 violent crime in the UK has doubled..." which we know isn't true. I know the need for libel reform is important but there are other issues.