Friday, 25 November 2011

For Leveson and Free Speech!

The title above may not have the same ring as "Wilkes and Liberty".

But over at the New Statesman I have set out why the Leveson Inquiry may be doing more for genuine free expression than the tabloids ever did.


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George Smith said...

I doubt whether Leveson is a member of a modern equivalent of the Hell Fire Club- although it would be amusing if he were.

Michael said...

A very good item - and I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I only wish the tabloids would feel a little sympathy with those whom they have hounded over the years - but I somehow doubt it. Meantime, I feel smug in the knowledge that I have never purchased a red-top in my life.

Taylored & Bespoke said...

I find it highly amusing watching Leveson and believing it has been hijacked by the celebs themselves. Interesting article.

ObiterJ said...

I am not so sure that, in the longer run, much will be done for free speech by the Leveson Inquiry. The more likely outcome seems to me to be very strict legalistic media regulation and additional restrictions on internet usage (e.g. blogging etc). I already see signs of this.