Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bell Pottinger - Priceless

There is an interesting report in today's Independent about lobbyists Bell Pottinger.

My favourite part is a quote towards the end, from Lord Bell:

"The conduct of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism does not remotely constitute responsible journalism. It is an attempt by unethical deception to manufacture a story where none exists."



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Tim said...

I must object to your 'irony' tag in the Twitters. This is clearly #Hypocrisy if not #PsychologicalProjection

Muggins said...

Hmmm...SEO is not that controversial, nor is it really a "dark art" (I bet he's pleased he used that phrase). More a "grey area" I think

Web developers use SEO to boost the Google rankings of sites. "SEO" is on the front of webdev magazines monthly.

Secondly, are we surprised that PR blokes in the city boast about connections? They do that in their sleep. Someone in a PR firm will always claim to know govt members, an open goal for the opposition press...?

The human rights stuff? Well what was the real story? Would BellP claim these were totally unfounded allegations? Plenty of those on the web.

Aren't the left in fact already "spinning" this story to make it look like public school boys who don't care about human rights running the country. (so that a different dubious bunch can get into power) Terrible business, spinning...

Just putting another side to the story...